Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Macher Matha Dia Biulir Daal.......

Macher Matha Dia Biulir Daal.......

  • ·         1st of all boil the Biulir daal with some salt and 4-5  green Chillies and keep it aside to cool it down.
  • ·         Then put the boiled daal in a blender with the water used for boiling and coarsely grind it leaving it grainy  and set it aside.
  • ·         Then in a wok add 3 tbsp of oil and fry the fish head with some salt and turmeric.
  • ·         Then in a hot wok put put 1 small tbs Jeera,1/2 tbsp mouri, few methi seeds,2 bay leaves and 2-3 dry red chillies broken and then add the fried Fish head (rui macher matha) and mix it well/
  • ·         Then add the Daal which has been coarsely grinded and mix it well with the fried fish head and some salt and ½ sugar with 5-6 slit green chillies and let it come to a boil.
  • ·         Then add 1 small tbsp of dry roasted jeera powder(bhaja jeere guro) and after 5 mins stop the flame and serve it with some steam rice and jhuri aloo bhaja. J
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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Thor sorshe narkol dia!

Ingreediants :
  •  Thor (cut in thin Stripes) and kept aside after marinated it with salt. If you want then you can put in pressure cooker for 5 mins.
For Tempering :
  • Sorshe /Mustard seeds
  • Tej Pata
 Paste for Gravy:

  • Shorshe Bata / Mustard Seed paste (3 tbs)
  • Jeera bata(1 tbs)
  • Narkel(3tbs)
  • Lanka/Green Chili( as your taste)
  •  Put everything in a blender or Mixi and Make it in a Thick Paste.
Method :

  •  In a hot Wok put some oil and add the temperings , Sorshe(seeds), Tej Pata/ Bay Leaf
  • Then add the Thor in the Oil and then fry for 5 mins.
  • Then add the paste made of sorshe,narkol,jeere,green chilies and fry it well until it leaves oil.
  • Then mix it well and cover and cook for 5-10 mins.
  • Then when it cooks well remove it from the wok and serve it with Musoor Dal and hot steam rice.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Chitol Macher Patla Jol!

Ingredients :
  • Chitol Mach
  • Potatoes cut in Wedges
For Tempering :
  • 1 tbs of jeera
  • 3-4 elaichi and 1 big darchini and 2 bay leaf
For the Gravy paste:
  • Ginger paste 2 tbs
  • Green Chili or red chili paste ( as per your taste, you can use green chilies cut in half)
  •  Jeera Paste 2 1/2 tbs
  • Salt to taste
  • Turmeric1/2 tbs
  • 2 pinch of Sugar
**** Mix this all to make a paste in a blender or mixer.


  1. Fry the Chitol Fish in Oil until golden and keep aside .
  2. Then fry the Potato wedges till golden and keep aside.
  3. Add jeera, Elaichi, Darchini, and Bay leaf and wait till they leave aroma.
  4. Then add the Gravy paste and wait until it leaves oil and then add the potatoes with some water and leave it in medium flame for 4 mins .
  5. Then Add the Fish and cook it in low flame and if needed add some water.
  6. Then turn over the fish and cook it for for 5 mins and then add 1/2 tbs of desi ghee before you take out.
*** Serve it with Hot steam rice or pujao. The consistency of the gravy will not be too thick.
To make it more clear for you i have posted pictures of every step .

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

1st recepie......Bata Mach Sorshe Bata Dia!(Fish with Mustard Paste)

So this is my 1st recepie in this blog, so i thought what better than  a authentic fish curry so i thought of Bata mach Sorshe Bata dia.


  • Bata Mach(8 pieces)
  • Mustrad Oil
  • Turmeric(half tbs)
  • Jeera Paste(1 1/2 tabs)
  • Coriander Paste(1 tbs)
  • Green Chili Paste (If you want you can put slit green Chilies)
  • Sorshe Bata(mustard Paste)
  • Coriander leaves(haandful)
  • Salt to taste
  • Marinate the Fish with half tbs of turmeric and some salt and keep it aside for 5-10 mins.

For tempering or phoron/sombar:
  • Methi
  • Kalo Jeera
  • Jeera
Procedure :

  • Add some mustard oil to a wok or a non stick as per your convenience.
  • Then Add the Fish which we marinated 2 or 3 at a time and fry them well till golden .(keep in mind it should not be too golden or you will end up burning it)
  • Then take out the fish and keep it aside.
  • In the same oil add pinch of kalo jeere and pinch of Sorshe (mustard seeds)
  • Then Add the sorshe bata 3 tbs full ,jeera paste 1 1/2 tbs, dhaniya paste/corriender paste 1tbs, Salt ,turmeric and mix it well with some water and let it cook till it leaves oil in the side of the wok.
  • Then add the Fish one by one in the masala.
  • Then let it cook in the masala and turn it after 3- 4 mins.
  • Once its cooked properly sprinkle some corriender leaves /dhaniya patta for the garnishing.
  • Serve it with Hot steam rice.
**** For making you understand the steps well.
Hope you all like it.
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Masalas...... essence of Bengali or Indian cuisine!!!

Masalas are the main essence of Bengali or Indian food, and perhaps its the only thing that makes it so unique and aromatic. So now i said i will update this blog the way i learned cooking so knowing your spices is very important

So now i am naming the spices serially

  1. Radhuni
  2. Posto
  3. Darchini
  4. nutmeg
  5. Javetri
  6. Laung
  7. Tej Pata/Bay Leaf
  8. Sukno Lonka/Red Chilli
  9. Green Chili
  10. Holud
  11. Dhone Gota/Corriender seeds
  12. Jeera/Cumin Seeds
  13. Sorshe
  14. Kalo Jeera/Black Cumin seeds
Now these are the basic regular spices in every bengali house hold.

  • When we say Garam masala it consist of ELAICHI,DARCHINI,LAUNG,TEJ PATTA,RED CHILLIES.
  • When making jeera paste or dhaniya paste make sure you dont make it too runny it should be thick in consistency.
  • If you are busy and want to store garlic and ginger paste then add some oil in the paste and store it in deep fridge.
Ok friends.......will see you all soon with some new recepies.


Hello my Friends, This is Mishu and here i am to make your quest for Bengali food easy with mouthwatering and traditional Bengali food recepies and sometimes try and simplifying it to fit in our super fast and hectic schedule....The main purpose of writing this blog is to help my friends who are new to the amazing world of cooking maybe out of necessity or as a part of new new responsibility after marriage, the reason maybe different but the problem is same HOW, WHAT to cook . I am neither a Chef or nor a professional food writer but i am an ardent learner and a BIG FOODIE  and thus i love cooking delicious food.

When i started my cooking i was away from home alone in a totally unknown place but as i was fed up of take away and burgers i wanted to cook simple bengali food and soon to my dismay i started cooking regularly and people started loving my food and this was the high point when i actually started enjoying cooking. The main purpose of cooking that time except the fact of my survival there without English food was to give my friends a taste of home made bengali food which they were missing abroad.But then my life took a turn and i returned back to calcutta and got busy with life and job and from a regular cooking person i ended up cooking only in weekends or in special occasions....but again my relatives and friends here too started calling me and they also loved my food and even my neighbors wanted me to cook for them and then my BF also joined in the brigade when he tasted the delicious chicken korma and pudina parota...and in a very lite way he suggested me of writing a cookery book but yesterday he was so adamant about me writing a book but then i said why not a blog the main purpose is to share rite.....and see i am here with my blog.......i would like all girls in india or abroad try and cook simple authentic bengali food.......and if you are alone abroad and want to impress your hubby or in india newly wed want to cook to impress ur in-laws or a simple urban girl in hostel you want bengali food then bulls eye you are in the perfect place......!!!!!!

To assure you every recepie in here is tried and tasted and i will try and explain cooking from the scratch as i learned it to make it easy for you......

Ok Gals or even Boys......hope you all like it and have a yummy stay in my blog......

***** comments will be appreciated to make it more interesting